medline ultra comfort range

Medline Ultra Comfort Shaped Pads

Oakville Care Centre stock the highly absorbent, quality Ultra Comfort shaped continence pads from Medline.

 Medline Ultra Comfort shaped pads give superior comfort for all levels of incontinence.

 Visit our retail shops in Frome and Wells in Somerset where you will be able to collect free samples of the Medline Ultra Comfort pads. We also deliver free of charge within Frome, Shepton Mallet, Wells and surrounding areas.

Alternately please see below to purchase the Medline products where we ship across the whole of the UK.

 Medline Ultra Comfort Continence pads may not be a household name in the UK like many other leading brands but their quality and high absorbency make Medline Ultra Comfort pads a first class choice.

From only £9.50 per packet.....Why settle for anything less?


Why are Medline Ultra Comfort so good? 

• New and improved anatomical shape conforms to the body and is designed for fit, comfort and dignity.

• Acquisition layer wicks fluid away from the skin and into the centre of the core to keep the skin dry.

• Soft nonwoven backsheet promotes dignity and comfort with reduced risk for heat build up and skin irritation.

• Topsheet contains skin moisturising lotion designed for exceptional comfort.

• Hydrophobic anti-leak guards provide better containment and protection against leakage

• Available in four absorbency ranges.

Higher quality and much more absorbent than many other leading well known brands.

A sample pad can be ordered free by contacting us on 01373 455415 or emailing us at customerservices@oakvillecarecentre.co.uk

3-5 Days

Medline Ultra Comfort EXTRA Case of 4 Packets




Absorbency 1650 ml  Size 69cm x 32cm

Case of 112 pads

3-5 Days

Medline Ultra Comfort SUPER Case of 4 packets


Absorbency 2200 ml  Size 69cm x 32cm

Case of 112 pads

3-5 Days

Medline Ultra Comfort SUPER PLUS Case of 4 packets


Absorbency 2400 ml  Size 69cm x 32cm

Case of 112 pads