Medication Aids


 Oakville Care Centre have a range of medication aids, including several types of pill boxes, tablet splitters and cutters.



From only £1.25 these pill / tablet boxes are of great value and are suitable for early signs of memory problems as well being handy place to keep medication. Some of the pill boxes have a hook and loop system that allows a single days pills / tablets to be separated if leaving home for the day.  

We have listed our most popular medication aids that we sell most through our retail shops, we do keep others in-stock so please do visit us to see the full range. We are located in Frome and Wells in Somerset, please see our contact us section for more details of where to find us. 

Alternatively if you have a question you can also email us at [email protected]

7 Day Pill Reminder


The Safe & Sound Seven Day Pill Reminder is an ideal way of keeping track of daily medication and vitamins.

7 Day Pill Box


Safe & Sound Health 7 Day Pill Box. Split into AM & PM. An easy way to help ensure that medication or vitamins are taken correctly.

Detachable Weekly Pill Organiser


The Weekly Pill Organiser is an ideal way of keeping track of daily medication and vitamins. Colour coded for am and pm medication. Each day can be detached from each other if needed.

Table Top Weekly Pill Box


The Safe and Sound Weekly Pill Box with Braille is an ideal way of keeping track of medication.

 It has non-slip backing pads which help the pillbox grip table top surfaces.

Measures 15.5cm x 22cm. 

Push Button 7 Day Pill Box


The Push Button 7 Day Pill Box is opened at the push of a button. Each compartment is curved so that the pills are easy to remove. Each day of the week is conveniently split into a.m and p.m sections.

Push Button 7 Day Detachable Pill Box


The attractive, multicoloured detachable units are pocket sized for convenient use. The compartments can be joined or separated as required. The pill box is opened at the push of a button.

7 Day Pill Box and Timer


The 7 Day Detachable Pill Box & Digital Reminder  has attractive, multi-coloured detachable units that are pocket sized for convenient use. Also included is a handy detachable digital alarm reminder.

Pill Cutter


The easy to use Pill Cutter is an easy and effective way of dividing pills or vitamins into the correct dosage without the use of knives.

Tablet Crusher


The Tablet Crusher will reduce tablets to powder easily. This product contains a storage compartment for tablets. Dishwasher Proof.