Telephones / Amplifiers


Telephone amplifiers for the hard of hearing and call blockers specially developed to protect vulverable adults from nuisance phone calls.

3-5 Days

Clearsound Portable Telephone Amplifier

This lightweight portable telephone amplifier is designed to strap over a standard telephone handset using the adjustable rubber strap.

 The amplifier can boost the incoming speech volume up to 20dB and it also has tone control with three positions available (Bass/Normal/Treble). Supplied with a soft carry case for transport.

3-5 Days

Clear Sound Ringer Amplifier

This simple ringer amplifier plugs directly to the telephone line, requires no battery and can be wall mounted if required. It has an extra loud 95dB ringer, volume control and a visual ring indicator.

3-5 Days

Cordless Photophone

The Photophone is designed for people who have difficulty remembering phone numbers or who have limited dexterity. 

Pictures of family and friends can be inserted into 10 large memory buttons. By simply pressing a photo, the phone will automatically call the person.

The Cordless Phone features an amplified receiving volume control of up to 12dB and hands free speakerphone, for extra ease.

The cordless handset features easy to see big backlit keypad with large backlit screen, clock and 5 ring tones settings. Mains adaptor included.

3-5 Days

Doro 311c PhoneEasy Telephone

Enables people with a hearing impairment or impaired hand function to use the telephone more easily.

The Doro 311c is a big button telephone, with large and clearly defined buttons. Incoming calls can be seen and heard with a flashing indicator light. It has 3 speed dials and 10 two touch memory buttons. There is an easily adjustable receiver volume control and it is hearing aid compatible.

3-5 Days

Telephone Ring Indicator & Flasher

Suitable for people who have difficulties hearing easily on the telephone.

An easy-to-use alert which has a number of applications round the home. It will set off an alarm and/or a flashing light when there is a call and can also be used with the optional Bed Shaker below (sold separately). Supplied with adaptor plug. Can be wall mounted or will sit on a table in its cradle.

3-5 Days

Call Blocker Protect Plus

The CPR Call Blocker Protect + has been developed specifically to protect vulnerable adults from scam and nuisance phone calls.

Block all apart from who you want to speak to.

No Monthly Charges        No Monitoring Fees

No Power Supply Needed

Caller ID is required for this product to work..

Protects you from:

Financial Crime

Scam Calls

Robo Calls

Harassment Calls

Unavailable Calls

Overseas Call Centres

International Calls

Main Features:

Number List

Program all trusted telephone numbers into the Allowed List on the Call Blocker. Any caller not on this list will be blocked from getting through.

Remote Programming

For peace of mind the Protect + can allow relatives or carer to add or remove numbers from the Number List remotely.

The CPR Call Blocker will also work on Digital PBX systems with analogue sockets - Simply Put Call Blocker into a Call Group with an Analogue Handset

3-5 Days

Call Blocker V-202

The CPR V201 Call Blocker works on any home phone line (even with additional handsets and broadband) and is the solution to stop any unwanted call. It is easy to set up and use letting you decide who you want to speak to.

The CPR V201 is pre-programmed with 200 numbers which are deemed as 'known nuisance callers' by The Call Prevention Registry'. Companies which are selling by phone, using overseas call centres, automated sales lists and scams are all pre-programmed which will minimize the sales calls you receive as soon as it is connected.

There is also room to block a further 1,000 numbers or area codes via the 'Block Now' button giving you a 1,200 number capacity. By touching the 'Block Now' button an unwanted callers number is logged into the unit's memory, the call will hang up and the number blocked permanently. Use this feature to block unwanted callers as they are calling you. Extra blocking functions on this unit allow you to block withheld callers, oversea's callers, skype/internet calls, spoof callers, area codes, any group of numbers and international calls.

Other features include remote blocking of any call by pressing #2 on your phone handset, display of number calling, counter showing how many numbers have been blocked, counter showing how many times a blocked number has tried to get through to you, display of type of call blocked, view list of blocked calls and you are also able to remove any numbers you may have blocked accidentally.

The CPR V201 is Police approved and protects you from scam calls, nuisance calls, PPI calls, silent calls, harassment calls, withheld calls, oversea's calls, cold calls and spam faxes.

The CPR Call Blocker will also work on Digital PBX systems with analogue sockets.

Please note: Caller ID needs to be activated on your telephone line for this product to work.