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Whether having trouble remembering your medication or having issues with seeing the time or having trouble waking up in the mornings we have the solution!

3-5 Days

Talking Alarm Clock


Portable alarm clock for people with a visual impairment.


Large face clock has a press button on top to activate a time announcement. Also features a digital display, optional alarm and hourly time announcements. Uses 2 x AA batteries (not included).

Width: 40mm Depth: 98mm

Height: 110mm (1½ x 4 x 4")

3-5 Days

Wake'n'Shake Alarm Clock

This very loud alarm clock, with adjustable tone and volume going up to 95dB, comes with a shaker pad and optional flashing alarm to wake even the deepest sleepers.

 The extra large screen with extra large digits, dimmer switch in the back, makes it easy to see. A telephone socket in the back connects it to a telephone line and it will amplify the telephone ring as well.

3-5 Days

Radio Controlled Talking Watch


Enables people with a visual impairment to hear the time and date.

With a clear analogue face and hands, this watch automatically adjusts to local time in many countries, including the UK, Germany, USA and Japan, with radio controlled accuracy.

With clear speech, recorded by the RNIB, it automatically adjusts between summer and winter time. It can be manually set for countries with no signal and has the option of alarm and hourly time announcement.

Requires 1 x CR2032 lithium battery (included).

3-5 Days

CADEX® Medication Reminder, Alert & Databank Watch

A useful product for people with complex medication regimes or who find it difficult to remember to take their medication or to carry out other tasks / appointments. Also stores information on a person's medical needs, which might be important in an emergency.

The Cadex watch is designed for someone with memory problems and special needs, who require regular prompting to remind them to undertake every day activities. Worn on the wrist, the Cadex looks and functions like a standard watch and shows the date and time, but has a number of advanced features.

The Cadex can be set to alert the wearer up to 12 times each day, by way of a beeping alarm reminder. A reminder message of up to 36 characters can also be set to show up on the watch screen at the same time as the audible beeping alarm. For example, if a person has to take medication several times through the day, the message could state the type or colour of medication to be taken at each specified time.

The alarms could also remind about eating regular meals or snacks, taking a shower, that a carer will be visiting soon, and for a number of other daily activities.

Press the Alert button to show:

NAME - Your name and phone number.
ALERT - Alert information (user conditions, i.e. diabetic, pacemaker, haemophiliac, etc.).
ALLERGIC - Allergic reactions (i.e. penicillin, bee sting, etc.)
DOCTOR - Doctor and phone number.
CONTACT - Emergency contact person and phone number
BLOOD - Blood type.
BIRTHDAY - Date of birth.
CARD - Credit Card (charge card) number and expiration date. May also be used to store a computer password (optional).

The alarm will go off for a maximum of four hours in total if left to ring. There's a 'snooze' button which will go off every 3 minutes until the alarm is manually switched off.

The Cadex has a high impact, durable plastic case with a shock-resistant polycarbonate lens. The back cover is made of stainless steel (nickel free) and the standard band (strap) is black rubberized (non-latex) plastic with a stainless steel buckle. It is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

The alarm tone frequency is 4,300 Hz (high pitch tone) and is not suitable for hearing impaired patients or patients with reduced hearing. The Cadex Alarm wristwatch is water resistant but not waterproof, therefore it is not designed for use underwater, in a shower, bath or swimming pool.