Other Products


Oakville Care Centre also keep a range of other independent natural products for healthy skin.



This includes Paw Paw with active manuka honey, Herbacin hand cream, Gloves-in-a-bottle barrier hand cream, Ice Guard natural deodorant, Valderma soap, Snowfire ointment, Organic shaving Oil and Hopes Relief Cream. 

3-5 Days

Paw Paw


Papaya Gold PAW PAW Moisturising Balm 25g.

Australian made

Enriched with Bio Active Manuka Honey 20+, PAW PAW is a topical balm that soothes, relieves and moisturises dry, sensitive, chaffed and irritated skin and dry chapped lips. This product can be applied regularly to skin and lips as required. 

PAW PAW can be used by people that are prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Also suitable for children.

3-5 Days

Gloves In a Bottle



Dry Skin lotion by Gloves In A Bottle

Eczema and Dry Skin Treatment

Conventional lotions only attempt to replace natural moisture with artificial moisture but it comes off every time you wash. 'Eczema and dry skin treatment' with Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion works because, unlike artificial moisturisers, its a lotion that turns your outer layer of skin into what acts like an invisible pair of gloves - keeping the moisture robbing irritants out while helping to retain your skin's own natural moisture.

Eczema and Dry Skin Prevention

This results in skin that is better hydrated than what is achieved with conventional lotions, so when you know you should be wearing gloves, (whether fishing, painting, washing, gardening, or exposed to harsh elements), but don't want to put any on, use Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion.

One Application of Gloves In A Bottle lasts 4 Hours

3-5 Days

Ice Guard Natural Crystal Deodorant - 120g


Ice Guard Deodorant is made from Ammonium Alum (Natural Mineral Salts) and therefore does not contain any perfumes or unnecessary additives.

Its unique action eliminates odour by inhibiting bacteria and provides invisible protection all day long.
Ice Guard deodorant does not block pores and leaves no sticky or oily residue which means no annoying white marks.

3-5 Days

Valderma Antibacterial Soap

For spot-sensitive skin.

Helps keep skin clear and clean. Contains an effective antibacterial agent that helps to keep your skin clear, clean and free from spots. Use as part of your daily care.

3-5 Days


Snowfire Ointment Stick is a solid emollient ointment for dry skin. It can be used by those who are prone to dry skin conditions such as chapped hands & chilblains.

3-5 Days

Absolute Aromas Organic Shave Oil 15ml

 100% organically produced oils. Carefully blended to give a smooth, close finish, with every shave.  

Massage 3 to 5 drops of Organic Shave Oil into warmed, wet skin and leave for a few seconds to soften stubble before shaving.

After shaving, pat dry and leave the remaining oil to continue moisturising the skin.