absolute aromas carrier oils

Absolute Aromas Carrier Oils


Absolute Aromas Carrier oils are extracted from plants, flowers, seeds, nuts and vegetables.  


They are also known as fixed oils as they do not evaporate when exposed to heat and light.

 Where ever possible Absolute Aromas Carrier Oils are cold-pressed, this process produces a purer oil, giving a higher vitamin content. Carrier oils have a light odour and varying properties and are generally good all round skin conditioners. They can be used alone or in a blend with other carrier oils and essential oils. 

We recommend storing carrier oils in a cool dark place, or in the fridge, to maintain their properties and prolong their shelf life.


Absolute Aromas Sweet Almond Carrier Oil 150ml


Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalus)



Absolute Aromas Evening Primrose Carrier Oil 150ml


Evening Primrose 

(Oenothera Biennis)


Absolute Aromas Coconut Carrier Oil 150ml



(Cocos Nucifera)


Absolute Aromas St Johns Wort Carrier Oil 50ml


St Johns Wort

(Hypericum Perforatum)


Absolute Aromas Camellia Carrier Oil 50ml



(Camellia Drupifera)



Absolute Aromas Calendula Carrier Oil 50ml



(Calendula Officinalis)