Bee Health Propolis

Bee Health Propolis - a natural range of products that may help boost the immune system. Included in the range are Bee Health Propolis Winter Mixture, Throat Spray, Lozenges, Propolis Cream and Capsules.

A little history on Propolis....

Propolis and its purported benefits have been recognised and drawn upon since as early as 5500 BC, when the ancient Egyptians are believed to have used it for its soothing and healing properties  

Stemming from the Greek ‘pro’ (before) and ‘polis’ (city) and said to have been named as such by Aristotle Alexander’s philosopher, propolis means ‘defender of the city’ because it protects the hive and its bees from bacteria and infection, whilst also providing soothing and healing qualities.

Later, the Romans furthered the commercial development of beekeeping and knowledge of propolis, with soldiers carrying it to war to heal their wounds or to use as a morale building tonic as they set out to conquer the world. The women used a propolis cream to nurture their face and bodies and help with a range of feminine health problems - they named it ‘the woman’s friend’.

In modern times, the 1990s saw a serious interest in propolis develop, when a lot of publicity started to appear regarding its benefits, with people talking about their experiences of using it to help treat a variety of health problems.

Some GPs even reported how they prescribed it successfully for patients in instances where modern medicines failed to help. Hailed as nature’s antibiotic, propolis offers an array of benefits for many ailments and is a boon to general health – and even better, it has no side-effects at all!


Bee Health Propolis Liquid 30ml



Bee Health Propolis Liquid is a versatile way of accessing the benefits of this wonderful, natural ingredient.


Bee Health Propolis Winter Mixture 100ml


Bee Health's Winter Mixture has been specially developed to provide the benefits offered by the bioflavanoids in bee propolis.



Bee Health Propolis Throat Spray 50ml


If you're looking for an effective sore throat spray with antibacterial properties that gets right to the heart of the problem, try  Bee Health Propolis Throat Spray.


Bee Health Propolis Lozenges 114g


Bee Health Propolis Lozenges offer the benefits of this wonderful, natural ingredient in a convenient format - just pop a lozenge out of the packet whenever you feel like a boost and let 'nature's defender' get to work.


Bee Health Propolis Cream 60mls


Bee Health Propolis Cream is designed to be applied directly to the skin and may help skin irritations, dry skin, and blemishes.


Bee Health Propolis Capsules 1000mg x90

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Propolis capsules are used as a complete supplement to maintain regular health. They are safe for all the family and have a great variety of uses. 


Bee Health Propolis 1000mg Tablets

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Bee Health Propolis Tablets offer 1000mg of this incredible bee-derived natural ingredient.