nelsons products at oakville care centre

Nelsons Natural Skin Care Range

 Nelsons have been providing quality and trusted natural healthcare products to the general public since 1860 and are one of the UK's leading natural skin care suppliers.

Nelsons produce holistic products to help with everyday common ailments and also to maintain good skin. All of the Nelsons range are made with the same care and attention as they have always been; meeting all regulatory and quality required standards.

The extensive range of topical products can help with a variety of common skin complaints and to maintain good skin condition.

The following range of products are available below to order now online or can be purchased in-store in our Frome and Wells shops in Somerset.

Nelsons arnica cream 30g

Nelsons Arnicare arnica cream is an ideal first aid application, effective for all types of bruises resulting from injuries, knocks and falls.

Nelsons Arnica Cooling Gel 30g

Suitable for all the family; people who have gone the extra mile and pushed themselves or people who have been on their feet all day long and may have tired legs or feet.

Nelsons Calendula Cream 30g

Nelsons Calendula cream is carefully prepared using the purest extracts from the Calendula (Marigold) plant, famous for its multiple skin conditioning properties. 

Nelsons Tea Tree Cream

This award-winning Nelsons Tea Tree cream is a soothing skin cream prepared using the finest, purest tea tree oil from Australia. Tea tree oil has many uses but is best known for its excellent antiseptic properties.