Dementia Related Products

Below are some products that may be suited for dementia related issues around the home.

We also stock many other products within this website that can also help in earlier stages, if you would like advise on any of our products please give us a call and we would be only to happy to help where we can.

3-5 Days

Day Clock Dementia Clock




The Day Clock has been developed by Bath Institute of Medical Engineering and has been designed to help people living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

The design features a simple and clear display showing the time of day as either morning, afternoon, evening or night. The Dementia Day Clock is ideal as people living with dementia as they can lose the ability to distinguish between day or night. The Alzheimer’s Day Clock can therefore assist primary carers by ensuring the daily routine can be maintained.

Day Clock Specifications 

Font Size Height 2 centimeters
Font Size Width 10 centimeters
Font Size Length Dependent on the day
Screen Size (Inches) 6.2 x 3.4
Screen Size (CM) 15.8 x 8.7
External Size (Inches) 8.5 x 6.5
External Size (CM) 21.6 x 16.4

The size of the font in the menu screen of the Day Clock (only needed when changing the time) is approximately 0.5 centimeters in height and 3 centimeters in width.

3-5 Days

Cordless Photophone

The Photophone is designed for people who have difficulty remembering phone numbers or who have limited dexterity. 

Pictures of family and friends can be inserted into 10 large memory buttons. By simply pressing a photo, the phone will automatically call the person.

The Cordless Phone features an amplified receiving volume control of up to 12dB and hands free speakerphone, for extra ease.

The cordless handset features easy to see big backlit keypad with large backlit screen, clock and 5 ring tones settings. Mains adaptor included.

3-5 Days

Talking Photo Album Standard

Talking Photo Albums with 6 minutes of recording time. A really useful product to help you stay independent.

The Albums have a variety of uses for people with a visual impairment, Alzheimer's or Dementia. They can be applied to activities for children or adults with special needs or for anyone who just wishes to have audible information readily available as a quick reference.

  • Prepare Emergency Contacts
  • Remember Important Information
  • Stimulating memories
  • Medication Management
  • Photographs of family, friends, holidays and special events
  • Organize Appointments
  • Create Audio/Visual Procedures
  • Diary Event Schedules
  • Create a Talking CD or DVD Holder



  • 20 pages in a 'flip style' Album.
  • Each of the 20 pages will hold a single 5x7" Photo or Image.
  • Record a message on each page with the built-in microphone.
  • Total recording time: 6 minutes, max 18 seconds per page
  • Re-record as many times as you wish - reuse time and time again!
  • Each page has an individual PLAY/STOP Button.
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Black Hardback Cover.
  • Batteries are included and replaceable: 3 x AAA.
  • Recordings are preserved forever, even when batteries die.
  • Size: 225 x 175 x 35mm Approx.
  • 3-5 Days

    Bed Exit Sensor Pad & Bed Alarm


    A complete quality bed exit system that will reduce falls in the home.

    This Bed Exit Package will let you know when your patient sits up in bed with the intention of getting up. Being both high quality and simple to set up and use, you will hear the alert from another room, and be able to get to your patient before they start to stand and thereby reduce the probability of falls.

    To use, the pad should be placed under the lower sheet, starting approximately 10 centimeters (3-4") from the side of the bed. If your patient weighs over 8 stone, you can place the pad in your patient's middle back area. Under 8 stone, the pad should be placed underneath the patient's bottom area. The pad goes horizontally across the bed.

    The cord from the pad, runs along the side of the mattress and plugs into the bed alarm monitor, which can be attached to the bed, placed on the bedside table, or if it won't be kicked or damaged, you can place on the floor next to the bed.

    The pad, because of the foam interior, is comfortable for the patient to lie upon. When they lie-down, the alarm, which features volume control and tone options, makes two quick beeps to let you know that the system is correctly assembled and ready to work. When the patient then sits up, with the intention of getting off of the bed, the alert will start to sound. Place the volume on a level where you will hear from adjacent rooms in the house. You will then return to your patient, to assist them.

    To silence the alert, you simply press the Reset button on the front of the bed alarm. Alternatively, if your patient lays back down onto the pad, the alarm will reset itself automatically, and be ready to alert you the next time they start to get up. A great aid for caring for a patient or elderly person at home. And can also be used in a nursing home environment to alert the Carers that your parent, spouse, or other family member, needs some special help. This product is not a substitute for visual monitoring and may not be suitable for all at risk for fall patients.

    3-5 Days

    Pressure Activated Mat Alarm

    Temporarily Unavailable

    Alarm System Mat Door Entry Security Pressure Activated with Chime or 120Db Intruder Alarm Alert + Flashing Light.

    Can Be Used As Bedside Monitor For the Elderly Or Children.


    Alarm or Chime Setting with Flashing Warning Light. This Pressure Activated Mat Alarm Alert System is ready for immediate use. The Alarm Unit is activated whenever someone steps onto the Mat.

    It can be used as a bedside monitor for patients,the elderly or children.Simply place the mat beside the bed. The Unit can be set to Alarm - 120 Decibel Loud Alarm or Chime and when activated the Unit also displays a Flashing Light. On activation the unit will Chime or if set on Alarm mode will continue for approx. 20 seconds before stopping and resetting automatically.

    Unit uses 1 x 9V Battery - Not Supplied

    Mat Size:- 49cm x 33cm

    3-5 Days

    Motion sensor with Pager - Bed exit alarm


    When the motion sensor is activated, which happens the moment the field from the motion sensor is crossed by a foot coming down the side of the bed, or the person steps into the field area. The Motion sensor then sends a signal to a pager which can be up to 150' from the motion sensor.

  • The Motion Sensor can be mounted to the wall or floor, or simply placed on a surface using the built-in stand.
  • Pager has two tone options, ONE REPEATS JUST TWICE,THE OTHER IS A CONTINUOUS ALERT. There is also an on/off button. It will sound the alert that the person you are monitoring is trying to get out of bed without help, or perhaps trying to stand from their chair or crossing a doorway or exit, and you need to assist them. Perhaps they are going into the bathroom without your help. Either situation can be made safer by using the Motion Sensor and Pager System.
  • The Motion Senor and Pager both use AA batteries (5 in total but not included)
  • A wonderful product for monitoring if someone is getting out of bed or chair. Or perhaps attempting to leave a room or go through a doorway. The alert will sound immediately on the pager, which can be worn by the care person up to 150 feet from the motion sensor. Instructions for use: Place the Motion sensor next to a bed, chair or across a doorway to know when someone is getting up from their bed, chair, leaving a room, or going out of the house. With this system, there is no alarm noise in the room where the motion sensor is placed.