Foot & Nail Creams / Ointments

A range of products to soothe and manage problem feet including Gehwol range of products and Carnation foot care range.

3-5 Days

Carnation Toenail Softening Lotion 14ml

Relieves discomfort from hard or sharp toe nails. 

3-5 Days

Carnation Soothing Foot Spray 100ml

Provides hot, tired, aching feet with the maximum boost of cool refreshment

Delivers the powerful protection of Tolnaftate

Protection against fungi even in difficult to reach areas

Conveniently sized, environmentally friendly pump action spray

3-5 Days

Carnation Foot Cream With Peppermint 100ml

Re-moisturises and rehydrates to soothe, soften and condition dry or rough skin.

 Contains the beneficial cooling properties of peppermint oil.

3-5 Days

Carnation Foot Powder 75g

Contains Tolnaftate

Soothes and refreshes

Absorbs excess moisture 

3-5 Days

Cracked Heel Cream

Revives rough, dry & cracked heels.


Contains peppermint for a fresh smell and feel. Formulated with 20% urea to rehydrate the skin.