Westlab Bath Salts


Established in 2004, Westlab are the UK’s leading bath salt experts, committed to only using the highest quality, genuine salts and are now available at Oakville Care Centre.

Soothe your skin with Westlab Bath Salts!


Westlab travel the globe to work directly with their salt miners and producers. This not only ensures that Westlab can deliver premium salt at great prices, but also guarantee standards of consistent high quality products. See below for the range of Westlab Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt and Himalayan Salts.

Westlab Dead Sea Salt 1kg

From the depths of the Israeli Dead Sea, these genuine salts have been renowned for their therapeutic benefits since ancient times.

Westlab Epsom Salt 1kg


Epsom Salt is the natural solution to aid a fit and healthy body.  

Westlab Himalayan Salts 1kg


Westlab harvest premium quality crystals, known for their detoxifying properties, from the Himalayan mountain range.

Westlab Dead Sea Bath Soak RELAX 500g


Westlab Epsom Bath Soak REVIVE 500g



Westlab Himalayan Bath Soak DETOX 500g