Fireside Chairs by A J Way

At A J Way they have a real passion for seating and their aim is to promote optimum posture, comfort & support for those who need to sit for long periods of time.

For long term sitters the importance of having a chair which is tailored to their size & needs cannot be overemphasised. Chairs are too often selected chiefly for their aesthetic appeal & this can lead to poor posture, back & neck pain, breathing & circulatory difficulties, vulnerability to developing pressure ulcers, difficulty in rising and so on.

Buying a chair should be viewed in a similar light to buying a good pair of shoes - if the fit & support are poor then we will be very uncomfortable & may develop other more serious problems, so too with badly designed or wrongly sized chairs. A J Way pride themselves in training us at Oakville Care Centre - their specialist distributor, to help advise customers on correct seated posture to assist them in finding a chair which is most suitable for them with their long term well-being and independence very much in mind.

Therefore if you need advice on purchasing a chair and are unsure of your requirements please call the Oakville Care Centre line on 01373 455415 where we can help find the correct size chair for you.

A J Way chairs have been handmade in High Wycombe since 1936 by skilled craftsmen using prime quality, sustainably sourced materials. Taking great pride in their manufacturing process which starts with a plank of timber and goes right through to upholstery, fitting & despatch. 

Strength & stability tests have been carried out on our popular models under British Standard EN15373:2007 (test level 3 - severe use). All fabrics comply with the requirements of BS5852, part 1, ignition sources 0 & 1 (cigarette & match). Our contract fabrics pass BS5852 ignition source 5 & also BS7176 Medium Hazard.


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More ranges to follow soon!