Long Handled Dustpan and Brush and a very useful Step Stool.

More items to be added to this section shortly!

3-5 Days

Long Handled Dustpan & Brush

Plastic dustpan and soft bristled brush with long plastic stems. This prevents the need for bending down when sweeping.

The brush handle clips on to the dustpan stem. The dustpan has a flat bottom with shaped lip for efficient dust collection. Length 970mm. Weight 550g.

3-5 Days

Step Stool

A simple, sturdy stool consisting of a chrome plated steel frame with a non-slip rubber mat.


The rubber ferrules provide a good grip on slippery surfaces.

Top area 279×356mm (11×14").

 Base area 305×406mm (12×16").

Height 225mm (9").

Maximum user weight: 120kg/18¾st