Falls & Wondering solutions

Some solutions to alert the carer of a patient wondering, especially at night. We have a pager system, a pressure bed mat and other ideas that particularly can help with dementia related patients.

3-5 Days

Home Care Alert

Ideal for the elderly to alert their carer when needed.


The transmitter with neck cord and have a LED light indicator when activated and is water resistant.

Simply pressing a button on the transmitter will cause the receiver to beep.

16 digital codes are built in to ensure that another unit being operated close-by will not cause interference or false alarms

The Wireless Personal Pager allows you to page someone up to 500 feet away with the touch of a button in open area. ( Indoor effective range is less than 500 feet)

3-5 Days

Motion sensor with Pager - Bed exit alarm


When the motion sensor is activated, which happens the moment the field from the motion sensor is crossed by a foot coming down the side of the bed, or the person steps into the field area. The Motion sensor then sends a signal to a pager which can be up to 150' from the motion sensor.

  • The Motion Sensor can be mounted to the wall or floor, or simply placed on a surface using the built-in stand.
  • Pager has two tone options, ONE REPEATS JUST TWICE,THE OTHER IS A CONTINUOUS ALERT. There is also an on/off button. It will sound the alert that the person you are monitoring is trying to get out of bed without help, or perhaps trying to stand from their chair or crossing a doorway or exit, and you need to assist them. Perhaps they are going into the bathroom without your help. Either situation can be made safer by using the Motion Sensor and Pager System.
  • The Motion Senor and Pager both use AA batteries (5 in total but not included)
  • A wonderful product for monitoring if someone is getting out of bed or chair. Or perhaps attempting to leave a room or go through a doorway. The alert will sound immediately on the pager, which can be worn by the care person up to 150 feet from the motion sensor. Instructions for use: Place the Motion sensor next to a bed, chair or across a doorway to know when someone is getting up from their bed, chair, leaving a room, or going out of the house. With this system, there is no alarm noise in the room where the motion sensor is placed.
  • 3-5 Days

    Bed Exit Sensor Pad & Bed Alarm


    A complete quality bed exit system that will reduce falls in the home.

    This Bed Exit Package will let you know when your patient sits up in bed with the intention of getting up. Being both high quality and simple to set up and use, you will hear the alert from another room, and be able to get to your patient before they start to stand and thereby reduce the probability of falls.

    To use, the pad should be placed under the lower sheet, starting approximately 10 centimeters (3-4") from the side of the bed. If your patient weighs over 8 stone, you can place the pad in your patient's middle back area. Under 8 stone, the pad should be placed underneath the patient's bottom area. The pad goes horizontally across the bed.

    The cord from the pad, runs along the side of the mattress and plugs into the bed alarm monitor, which can be attached to the bed, placed on the bedside table, or if it won't be kicked or damaged, you can place on the floor next to the bed.

    The pad, because of the foam interior, is comfortable for the patient to lie upon. When they lie-down, the alarm, which features volume control and tone options, makes two quick beeps to let you know that the system is correctly assembled and ready to work. When the patient then sits up, with the intention of getting off of the bed, the alert will start to sound. Place the volume on a level where you will hear from adjacent rooms in the house. You will then return to your patient, to assist them.

    To silence the alert, you simply press the Reset button on the front of the bed alarm. Alternatively, if your patient lays back down onto the pad, the alarm will reset itself automatically, and be ready to alert you the next time they start to get up. A great aid for caring for a patient or elderly person at home. And can also be used in a nursing home environment to alert the Carers that your parent, spouse, or other family member, needs some special help. This product is not a substitute for visual monitoring and may not be suitable for all at risk for fall patients.

    2-5 Days

    Lifemax Voice Alert with Wireless Nursecall Option

    Designed to increase safety in the home and help prevent falls or wandering

     This monitor unit can be used on its own or in conjunction with Voice Alert Sensor Mats (sold separately). For use on its own, there is a magnetic pull cord that attaches to the person's clothing. If the person fall gets out or falls from their bed, chair or wheelchair, the pull cord is detached from the unit which triggers a loud alarm, alerting others in the vicinity that they are in need of assistance.

    The Lifemax Voice Alert also offers the option of a 20 second, personalised voice recording to play instead of alarm. A familiar voice may reassure the person by requesting that they return to their chair, bed or room, to help reduce the risks associated with wandering.

    Features four different alarm tones. If it is not appropriate to attach the monitor to a person's clothes, use the monitor in conjunction with the optional Sensor Mats (see below) which are available in various sizes. Connect the mat to the monitor and place mat under the person in bed, chair, wheelchair or on the floor next to them. The mat can be set to trigger the monitor's alarm or voice recording when pressure is either put onto the mat (stepped on) or taken off the mat (person gets up).

    Main alarm monitor easily attaches to either a headboard or wheelchair or can be used free standing around the home. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). Features a flashing light alarm, loud or soft volume settings, battery check light and wall mounting bracket. The magnet should not be placed within 150 mm (6-inch) of someone with an implanted device. 150 x 88 x 52 mm (6 x 3.5 x 2 inches).

    2-5 Days

    Sensor Mat for Lifemax Voice Alert - Small 25cm x 25cm

     This sensor mat is designed for use with the NRS voice alert falls prevention and wandering monitor

    The Sensor Mat can be an ideal solution for an elderly person, someone with dementia or someone with special needs who is being supported at home by a carer or family member. The mat works well with the Lifemax alarm creating an effective monitoring system that helps the carer ensure the safety of the person and helps to manage the risk of falls or wandering.

    There is no installation required. Simply plug in the sensor mat using the included cable into the chosen monitor unit. The mat is then placed either underneath a person when lying in bed or on the floor in a convenient spot. The mat can be set to activate the alarm either when pressure is taken off, for example if the person gets out of bed in the night or when pressure is applied, when the mat is stepped on. When an increase/decrease in pressure on the sensor mat occurs, the alarm on the monitor unit will be activated which will alert a nearby carer that the person has fallen from their bed or may be wandering.

    The mat is padded to make it comfortable if used underneath a person. Length and width is 25 cm (10 inches). A longer length version is also available for use on the floor or in a bed (sold separately).

    2-5 Days

    Sensor Mat for Lifemax Voice Alert - Small 76cm x 25cm

     This sensor mat is designed for use with the NRS voice alert falls prevention and wandering monitor

    This larger size Sensor Mat is the same as above but has a longer length of 76 cm (30 inches) and a width of 25 cm (10 inches).