Christmas Gift Ideas

 Welcome to the Oakville Care Centre Gift Ideas Page!


Pop along and see us in-store for all of our many Christmas Gift Ideas. Based in Frome and Wells in Somerset you'll be surprised what you'll find for all members of the family.

 See the above sections on the many types of gift ideas available.

For the first time ever in our 20 years of trading we thought it might be a nice idea to create our own gift baskets!

These can be purchased only in-store in our Frome and Wells shops!


We also have the option for you to tell us what you would like to have in your gift basket.

Pick the products, how much you would like to spend and the type of basket you would like from our collection and we'll do the rest!


 Our range of microwaveable Soft Toys are not to be missed! Filled with wheat and gently scented with lavender and many designs to choose from make these a winner at Christmas time - the best bit? They are also much safer than the hot water bottle and still keep warm under the duvet for hours at a time!

(Do not worry, it is not as cruel as it looks)

These rather cute little microwaveable characters below are now available as a part of our Warmies range!

See also our Kneipp Gift set range - infused with essential oils this range of products are a perfect present this time of year for those who love taking a bath or shower, there's a gift set for everyone

Our range of Sukin natural skincare & haircare products are popular all year round but also make excellent presents like this gift set below. To read more about the Sukin range click here

Also don't forget to check out our festive essential oil blends to give that little bit extra touch at home this Christmas!

There's also the old trusty favourite - socks! But these are a little different, no nagging uncomfortable elastic in these by HJ Hall!