Microwaveable Socky Dolls


 Warmies Socky Dolls are a modern take and funky addition to the fully microwavable collection of soft toys.


 Scented with lavender, these characters are the perfect collectable companions for day and night. Simply heat in a microwave for two minutes to release the soothing aroma and wonderful warmth.


All Socky Dolls are also available to purchase in our retail shops in Frome and Wells in Somerset.

Socky Doll Bunty

Socky Doll Bunty - When she's not chewing grass, digging warrens or going hopping mad she will make a perfect companion at bedtime.

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Simply place her in a microwave (don't worry she will be safe) and snuggle up under the covers after and she'll be your friend for life.  

Bunty is made entirely from real sock material!

Socky Doll Bandito

Bandito really only has one mission (no it's not pinching handbags or stealing his brothers favourite toys)

He really just wants to steal your affections and become your bedtime partner. He is scented with lavender to help ease you into a deep sleep.

(We do not accept refunds if things go missing in the night....!) 

Bandito is made entirely from real sock material!

Socky Doll Flunky

This cheeky little monkey may cause mischief and eat all your bananas in one sitting but you'll forgive him on a cold winters night.

Flunky will also help soothe your aching muscles, bruises and joints as heat therapy is proven to help with these issues. Ask him nicely and i am sure he will sit on your sore knee if you have one. 

Flunky is made entirely from real sock material!

Socky Doll Diddly

She's not just any old cow that's black and white, Diddly always wanted to be unique and her dreams came true as a turquoise and grey stripped cow instead!

After churning up your back garden for food and arguing with the milk man at the door over price she'll be found sat on a bed waiting to be cuddled.  

Diddly Socky Doll is made entirely from real sock material!

Socky Doll Teddy

Teddy is a a strong, yet kind character, firm, but friendly and always hunting for some fun.   

With his vibrant orange and black stripes and smiling face, he’s bound to be a roaring success with children of all ages looking for a cuddly, bed warming companion.

 Teddy is made entirely from real sock material!

Socky Doll Wag

Wag needs no walking and he won't pester you for food or chase the cat.

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But he will insist on taking up the best spot on the bed so watch out! 

 Wag Socky Doll is made entirely from real sock material!