Gehwol Foot Care Range


Especially formulated for the well-being of your feet. Gehwol can be used every day to keep your feet in tip-top condition.


With natural essential oils, these tried and tested foot creams and ointments from Gehwol can make a real difference. From having a soak with the Foot Bath crystals to rubbing in a warming balm, there is something for everyone who has troublesome, tired, aching or sore feet.

Gehwol Foot Care Range is suitable for even the most sensitive of feet, and help to retain moisture and improve skin elasticity making feet smooth and supple. With antiseptic properties Gehwol is also suited for those who may suffer from symptoms such as Athletics foot.

See below for our range that is also available in both of our retail shops in Wells and Frome in Somerset.

3-5 Days

Gehwol Foot Balm 75ml

GEHWOL Balm for Normal Skin is rapidly absorbed, leaving behind the pleasant sensation of well-cared skin.

Active Ingredients: Skin-friendly, caring and non-fatty emulsion base with oils of jojoba, rosemary, lavender, menthol, climbazole, and aloe vera

Cooling menthol and natural essential oils of rosemary and lavender have a soothing, refreshing effect. Tired and tested anti-microbial substances give lasting protection against foot odor. Gentle, soothing substances such as jojoba oil and aloe vera leave the skin smooth, supple and resistant.

Dermatologically tested.

Also suitable for diabetics

3-5 Days

Gehwol Nail Softener 15ml

Prevents ingrown toenails and strong cornification.

Makes cuticles elastic.

Active Ingredients: Medicated soap, Bisabolol, ethanolamine

The GEHWOL med Nail Softener softens hard nails and helps to prevent them growing inwards. Softens quickly and carefully the cornification and alleviates discomfort with ingrown nails. Bisabolol helps to prevent redness and irritation. Hard skin beneath the nail and in the nail fold softens and leads to an easy removal of the cornification without causing pain.

2-5 Days

Gehwol Salve For Cracked Skin 75ml

A caring ointment for excessively dry, hard, rough and cracked skin.

Based on a well-tried mixture of selected skin-friendly lipids, Gehwol Salve For Cracked Skin contains an effective combination of natural essential oils mixed with the skin caring vitamin Panthenol and Bisabolol, which is a component of Chamomile that helps protect against inflamation.

When used regularly the skin will retain its natural elasticity and resilence. Gehwol Salve For Cracked Skin also helps prevent cracking of the skin, skin reddening and any other unpleasent symptoms.

Active Ingredients: Lanolin, Vaseline, medicated soap, panthenol, Bisabolol, zinc oxide, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, oil of rosemary, menthol, camphor

How to use:

Massage well into the skin once or twice daily, to further benefit from using the Gehwol Salve try having a warming foot bath first with a Gehwol Foot Bath sachet.

Dermatologically tested and suitable for diabetics.

2-5 Days

Gehwol Warming Balm 75ml




Gehwol Warming Balm especially formulated for cold feet as well as delivering moisture for both dry and normal skin.

Extracts of Algae, Paprika, Ginger, essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender as well the invigorating camphor stimulate circulation whilst providing a soothing and pleasent feeling of warmth. A skin-friendly base of emollients such as Avocado oil, Beeswax and Lanolin, Aloe Vera, Urea and Glycerine help improve skin moisturisation.

Active Ingredients: Rich oil in water emulsion with lanolin, glycerin, avocado oil, aloe vera, oils of lavender and rosemary, extracts of ginger and paprika, camphor, climbazole

Tried and trusted antiseptics prevent foot odour and infections whilst also helps from itching between the toes. Suitable to use daily and recommended to use after soaking feet in Gehwol Foot Bath.  

Dermatologically tested.

2-5 Days

Gehwol Refreshing Balm 75ml

With natural peppermint oil and menthol this balm refreshes tired, burning and aching feet and legs.

Gehwol Refreshing Balm immediately soothes, cools and deodorizes your feet for that fresh feel that lasts. Protective ingredients regulate skin moisture and restore elasticity to hardened skin areas. Gehwol Refreshing Balm contains reliable antiseptics and protects from itching between the toes.

How to use: Apply a thin film of cream and gently massage into the skin.

Dermatologically tested.

2-5 Days

Gehwol Foot Bath 400g

A refreshing and invigorating bath concentrate.
With spike lavender and lavender to aid circulation.

Gehwol Foot Bath refreshes and stimulates the feet with rosemary and lavender oils. It counteracts sore, aching and sweaty feet while invigorating tired feet, soothing sore feet and eliminating unpleasant burning sensations.

The Foot Bath has a lasting deodorizing action and promotes the circulation with essential oils. The skin is deeply cleansed and kept resistant and supple with sodium carbonate which softens hard skin, corns and calluses.

Active Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, emolients, oils of rosemary, lavender, and thyme, camphor, eucalyptus oil

Dermatologically tested and also suitable for diabetics.

2-5 Days

Gehwol Protective Nail and Skin Cream 15ml




Protects effectively from fungus attacks whilst caring for nails and skin leaving them with a naturally healthy appearance.

If the skin around the nails is dry and the nails are cracked and broken, GEHWOL med Nail and Skin Protection Cream is ideal. Besides protecting against fungal infections with Clotrimazole, they offer a rich treatment of Wheat germ oil, panthenol, and Bisabolol to care for the skin and the nails.

Brittle and fragile nails regain elasticity and beauty and receive a natural silky sheen.

FDA approved.

Active Ingredients: Wheat germ oil, panthenol, Bisabolol, clotrimazole

Easily and effectively treats most athlete’s foot. GEHWOL Nail and Skin Protection cream is especially suitable for the treatment of the skin around the nails and between the toes.

Dermatologically tested.
Also suitable for diabetics.