ultrasorbs ap

Medline Ultrasorbs AP (Air-Permeable)

Ultrasorbs® are unique drypads that absorb and lock away bodily moisture from the patient’s skin. Ultrasorbs are a medical device designed to prevent and reduce pressure ulcer incidents.


These unique pads are new to Oakville Care Centre and are available to purchase below, where we are able to ship within the UK.

For any more information on Medline Ultrasorb products, please see their data sheet on the Medline website here.


The original premium drypad:

• AquaShield film provides leakage protection that means fewer linen changes — no double-padding.

• Air permeable for added comfort, dryness and no embarrassing plastic film crinkling.

• Effective for use with low-air-loss mattress therapy — protects the bedding and permits airflow. 

Medline Ultrasorbs Dry Pad AP 45x61cm


Case of 60 Ultrasorbs Dry Pad AP 45x61cm

Medline Ultrasorbs Dry Pad AP 61x91cm


Case of 70 Ultrasorbs Dry Pad AP 45x61cm