Plates, Plate Surrounds, Dishes

Our plates enable easier eating for people with reduced movement in hands and arms or who use one hand to scope up food.

3-5 Days

Menu Portioned Plate



Easier eating for people with reduced movement in hands and arms or who use one hand to scope up food.

Portioned plate to portion meals making it easy to scoop food from each divided section. Is suitable for elderly and children. Dishwasher safe.

Plate Diameter: 257mm (10") Height 30mm (1")

3-5 Days

Medici Plate



The Medeci System Plate is made from ABS plastic and so is more durable and hard wearing than standard ceramic tableware.

With a deep 20mm (¾") inner wall, the plate is suitable for one handed eating as it enables food to be scooped up the side of the plate. There is also a wide textured rim for easier carrying and transfers

Diameter: 240mm (9½")Depth: 23mm (1")

3-5 Days

Wade Dignity Ceramic Plates


Available in 3 distinctive colours, this sloped plate complements existing household crockery. Suitable for one handed use. Dishwasher microwave and freezer safe. Available in 3 colours.


3-5 Days

Steelite Plate

Steelite Crockery has exceptional durability. 

Highly suitable for continuous use in care establishments and domestic homes. Microwave and dishwasher safe, the curved inner lip design can assist one-handed eating and the shaped rim makes it easy to hold and carry.

Diameter: 260mm (10¼")

3-5 Days

Manoy Sloped Plate


The ingenious Manoy Sloped Plates have a low front, high back and a wide rim, making them easy to grip and access. Suitable for one-handed eating, the user can push food against the back edge and onto a spoon or fork. Available in two sizes.

Small Length: 220mm Width: 158mm Depth: 40mm (8½ x 6 x 1½")

Large Length: 280mm Width: 196mm Depth: 40mm (11 x 7½ x 1½")

3-5 Days

Wade Dignity Ceramic Bowl




Ideal for people with reduced hand function and who have difficulty loading up the spoon without spilling food or tipping the bowl over.

A deep bowl from which the user can easily scoop food. Wide rim enables the user to hold bowl if needed whilst eating independently. Dishwasher microwave and freezer safe.

Capacity: Full 430ml (15fl.oz)200x700mm((7¾X2¾").

3-5 Days

Keep Warm Dish



Keep dinner warm for children or adults who take longer to eat their dinner

For those who require extra time to finish a meal, the keep warm dish assures the food will remain hot. Just open the pot and fill the chamber with hot water. Made from plastic. Lid included. Dishwasher safe

Diameter of filling spout: 25mm (1")

3-5 Days

Plate Surround

Easier eating for people with reduced movement in their hands or arms.


Enables the user to eat using just one hand by scooping food against the surround and onto their fork.

This simple but effective Plate Surround is an extremely popular product which benefits a wide range of users. A lot of people have hand or arm difficulties such as reduced function, strength, grip or movement and this can make simple tasks like eating much more difficult than they should be.

This plate surround enables the person to scoop food against the surround and onto a fork or spoon using just one hand.

 It attaches easily to plates between 230 and 280 millimetres (9 and 11 inches).