Cups & Mugs


A selection of adult ceramic and plastic mugs or beakers to help reduce spillage and enable the user to feel more confident and stability when drinking.

3-5 Days

Caring Mug

This mug has a wide stable base with two large contoured and angled handles, which enables it to be held in the correct position for drinking

The lid has a well designed spout, and matches the caring cutlery range. It is useful for those with tremor or who cannot sit upright. The mug is microwaveable.

Capacity 300ml

3-5 Days

Duo Cup & Mug Handle

To enable easier drinking for people with reduced grip, hand or arm function


The Duo is a pioneering handle which attaches to mugs, glasses and bottles, increasing not only the grip, but also the stability.

The ergonomic design also means that it us an alternative to two handles mugs and beakers which may isolate users from family and friends. The handle also keeps hot mugs away from hands and fingers.

 The Duo Cup and Mug Handle has a clip-on design and can fit drinking vessels from 70 - 90mm (3 – 3½") in diameter.

3-5 Days

Shatterproof Mug

A tough, clear plastic mug with a large handle.


It is supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill, and one with a drinking spout. The mug is dishwasher safe, but not the lid, and it can be used in the microwave.

Capacity 400ml

3-5 Days

Non-Spill Cup

A new design of feeding cup with an angled spout to facilitate ease of use.


Grooves in the cup ensure a better grip and the unique valve enables flow control and no spills.

Capacity 200ml (7fl.oz).

Microwave and dishwasher safe up to 130°C.

3-5 Days

Coloured Non Spill Cup

With the same function as the Non spill cup above, these colourful cups can be used to differentiate between users or contents, or simply to add interest.

3-5 Days

Feeding Beakers (Twin Pack)


Enable easier drinking for people with reduced grip, hand or arm function

These highly durable beakers feature easy to read graduations to assess fluid intake and are available with two different lid options to allow use with either liquid or semi-solid foods. Lids also include a separate hole to assist the flow of contents. Made from food-safe polypropylene. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

There is a narrow spout version with a 3mm hole designed for liquid intake. A wide version with a 8mm hole in the spout to assist with semi-solid food is also available. Please select from the drop down menu.

Supplied in twin pack containing two beakers and two lids of same size. Capacity: 200ml (7fl. oz

3-5 Days

Urgo Mug

This easy to hold blue mug has one handle and is supported by a small lip on the opposite side which allows the user to support the cup with both hands even if they can only grip with one.

The large capacity mug is graduated up to 250ml and has a max capacity of 280ml.

Grooves in the wall make the mug easier to grip and the low level handle offers excellent stability. The mug is made from polycarbonate plastic which is hardwearing and durable as well as dishwasher and microwave safe.

The lid is available separately.

3-5 Days

Urgo Mug Lid

Reduces the likelihood of spillage or leaking when drinking from the Ergo mug

3-5 Days

Wade Dignity Two Handled Feeder Cup



Large two handled, ceramic cup with feeding spout. Reduces spillage and enables the user to control the flow of liquid whilst maintaining stability with the handles.

 Dishwasher and microwave safe. Wade are best known for niche high-quality ceramic products. The new Wade Dignity range is the latest in that tradition. Designed by Wade's acclaimed team, this unique range has been developed in conjunction with Healthcare Professionals and after research with elderly and disabled people.

Capacity: 280ml (10fl.oz)

3-5 Days

Feeder Cup With Twin Handles



Wide contoured handles assist self feeding, for users with poor grip. 1

Available in narrow or wide spout lid.

Capacity: 250ml (9fl. oz).

3-5 Days

Kennedy Cup


Enable easier drinking for people with reduced grip, hand or arm function, or people with restricted mobility who may not be able to tip the head back to drink

The Kennedy cup is specifically designed to enable easier drinking for those people with reduced grip, hand or arm function, or those people with restricted mobility who may not be able to tip their head back to drink.

A bendable straw should be inserted upside down (i.e. with the bend towards the bottom) through the lid of this unique cup and then the user can drink without fully sitting up. The cup also features a single handle and is suitable for hot or cold drinks.

Straws are not included. Dishwasher safe.

Capacity: 200ml (7fl. oz)