Commode Chairs


These commode chairs are designed to make toileting easier and reduce the risk of falls and accidents at home by not having to make long trips to the bathroom, especially during the night. 

  Oakville Care Centre stock commodes suited for all budgets, and when there is limited space there are folding commodes that can be easily stored away.

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To learn more about the different types of commodes available please visit us in-store in Wells and Frome, where you can order from our catalogue and choose from a wider selection and very competitive prices and a quick free local delivery to your own home.

3-5 Days

Commode Pan with Lid

This plastic moulded pan comes complete with lid and carrying handle, and fits most commodes .
Pan capacity 2 litres.

3-5 Days

Traditional Commode

 A traditional wooden framed commode with woven fibre upholstery.


The removable seat conceals a plastic potty and lid with carrying handle. The high chair sides provide support to the hands and forearms when rising. The elegant design of the chair ensure that it can blend in to any room.

Chair height: 775mm (30½").

Seat height: 470mm (18½").

Seat width: 440mm (17¼").

Seat depth: 440mm (17¼").

Commode aperture: 240 x 330mm (9½ x 13")

. Footprint: W600 x D500mm (23½ x 19¾").

Product weight: 7.2kg (16lb).

User Weight Limit 25 stone.

3-5 Days

Commode Chair

 An adjustable height, metal commode that can be stacked.


 It has a black toilet seat over a plastic commode pan. Supplied with a padded, vinyl covered lift off seat and integral back pad. The legs are adjusted with pin clips.

 Seat height (aperture seat) 480 to 580mm (19 to 23"). Seat height (aperture seat) 480 to 580mm (19 to 23˝). Seat height (padded) 515 to 615mm (20 1/4 to 24 1/4˝). Seat depth 430mm (17˝). Width between arms 470mm (18˝).

Overall width 530mm (21˝).

Overall depth 455mm (18˝).

Overall height 800 to 900mm (31 1/2 to 35 1/2˝).

Capacity 5 litres.

User Weight Limit 20 stone.

3-5 Days

Days Folding Commode & Toilet Surround



The toilet surround provides extra support and safety when lowering and raising, eliminating the need for a grab rail. The clip-on toilet seat is easily removed for cleaning.


This lightweight, aluminium folding commode can also be used over the toilet, as a toilet surround.

 Seat height adjustable 460 to 560mm (18 to 22˝).
Seat Width 345mm (14˝). Seat Depth 370mm (14½˝).
Width between arms 460mm (18˝).

Overall Height 670 to 770mm (26½ to 30½˝).

Overall Width 550mm (21¾˝).
Overall Depth 490mm (19¼˝).

User Weight Limit 19 stone.

3-5 Days

Folding Commode

Lightweight sturdy steel commode folds easily for storage and transport.


With comfortable armrests and a moulded backrest. This commode includes a 5 litre potty with lid and handle that is mounted on a metal frame beneath the grey plastic seat. The unique back of the frame forms a backrest when in use and a handle when folded.

Overall width 530mm (21")

Overall depth 510mm (20")

Height 450mm (18")   Seat width 380mm (15")

Seat depth 400mm (16")   Product Weight 5kg

User weight max 19 stone (120kg)

3-5 Days

Days Height Adjustable Commode

Modern, attractive commode that offers comfort and stability within any home or institutional environment.

 The padded blue seat cover and clip-on black toilet seat are easily removed for cleaning. The commode pan with handle is simple to remove for waste disposal.

The height adjustment allows the commode to be tailored to the required position for the user. Available with or without removable armrests.

Overall height: 830 to 980mm (32¾ - 38½")

Overall width: 550mm (21½")

Overall depth: 550mm (21½")

Seat Height: (Padded) 485 - 635mm (19-25")

Seat Height: 450-600mm (17¾ - 23½")

Seat Depth: 450mm (17¾")

Seat Aperture Size: 265x214mm (8?-10?")

Height to top of armrest: 590-790mm (23-31")

2-5 Days

Deluxe Commode Chair

A high quality chair that looks stylish and unobtrusive in any room.

 The high seat and side arms provide support when the user is getting on or off the seat. The concealed commode pan has a handle and lid, enabling it to be removed easily and securely for emptying and cleaning.

Available in three fabrics, with sapphire being a wipe clean polyester fabric. Seat height 480mm (19"). Seat depth 450mm (17½"). Seat width 430mm (17?") tapering to 380mm (15") at the back. Weight 9.4kg.

2-5 Days

Royale Commode Chairs

This quality polished hardwood armchair not only looks stylish, but converts to a commode easily in no time at all.

 A washable vinyl seat cushion hides the hygienic, sealed plastic tray with integral potty. The inner tray may be removed for cleaning. The commode pan is supplied with a lid, which seals in the contents when the handle is lifted, thus allowing easy removal and transportation.

Seat size 460×455mm (18×17"). Back height 890mm (35"). Seat height 480mm (19"). Footprint 530×590mm (21×23"). Weight 16.3kg.