medeci bath board

Bath Boards / Bath Seats

 At Oakville Care Centre we stock a selection of bath seats and Bath boards for those who find it difficult using a standard bath and may need that little extra help. 

Bath seats can range in different height sizes, the standard most popular being a 6 inch high seat, this enables the user to sit fairly low to the bottom of the bath but still in a position to be able to rise easily afterwards. Those with less mobility are more suited to a higher 8 inch or 12 inch bath seat.

There is also the option of a battery operated bath seat like the Bathmaster Deltis pictured here - this bath seat will lower the user to within inches of the bottom! See below for more details.

For those who especially have limited mobility bending the knees or have limited strength in the arms to lift themselves up from a seated position in the bath, a bath board may be more suited whilst under a shower over bath facility in the home.

3-5 Days

Savanah Bath Board 27"


Made with smooth, reinforced plastic slats, the Savanah Bath Board provides a strong comfortable, quick draining design.

The slats are fully sealed against the ingress of water and all fittings are stainless steel, giving a corrosion resistant bath board. The brackets include a serrated face and rubber buffers to help secure the board in place. The bracket may also be angled to position the board further back into the bath. Rubber pads under the slats help prevent the bath board slipping on the rim of the bath. Width 232mm (9 1/4˝). Length 27" Weight Limit 30 stone.

3-5 Days

Savanah Bath Board Optional Handle

For ease of transfer and added user security, an optional handle is available for the Savanah slatted bath board or shower board. To improve grip on the handle, the moulding is covered with a comfortable, soft feel sleeve. Fitting the handle may remove the need for a wall mounted grab rail in many circumstances.

3-5 Days

Medeci Bath Board



Enables you to sit and transfer into and out of the bath when it is not safe or easy for you to step in.

The Medeci® Bath Board has a proven track record of strength, durability and ease of use.It features slip resistant pads, large 75mm (3") brackets and large nylon wing nuts enable tight fitting with minimal effort. Can be used in conjunction with a bath seat or can be used as a shower board. Can be autoclaved on cleaning cycles up to 80°C. Latex free.

This Bath Board has a length of 673mm (26½”). Seat width: 248mm (9¾"). User Weight Limit 22 stone.

3-5 Days

Savanah Slatted Bath Seat


The Savanah bath seat provides a strong, comfortable, quick draining seat that is suitable for both bathing and showering.

 The slats are fully sealed against the ingress of water and fittings are either stainless steel or plastic giving a corrosion resistant seat. Four strong suckers hold the bath seat securely in position.

All sizes of the Savanah Slatted Bath Seat are the same price.

Seat size 457 × 290mm (18×11 1/4˝).
Footprint 345 × 300mm (13 1/2×12˝).

User Weight Limit 30 stone.

3-5 Days

Homecraft Lightweight Bath Seat

Constructed from aluminium with a plastic seat, this bath seat is both corrosion resistant and extremely lightweight.

There is no assembly or adjustment necessary, the bath seat is simply positioned where required. Soft caps on the arms both protect the edge of the bath and prevent the seat from moving.

Seat size 410 × 230mm (16 × 9˝).

Overall width 730mm (28 3/4˝).
Fits baths with an internal measurement of 585 to 670mm (23 to 26 3/8˝).

User Weight Limit 14 stone.

3-5 Days

Ailsa Bath Seat

 Prevents the need to get down to the bottom of the bath when bathing or using an over bath shower

The Ailsa Bath Seat is designed for you to sit on whilst bathing. It avoids the need to sit right at the bottom of the bath, which can be unsafe for some people to do, or which may cause discomfort. It is ideal for someone who has mobility problems, illness, injury, or restricted ability to bend and sit down. The seat can also be used in the bath tub but when using a shower head rather than filling the bath with water.

The seat is made from white plastic with a sturdy four leg design. There are four rubber suction feet, one on the bottom of each leg, which temporarily stick the seat to the base of the bath, ensuring it does not move around or slip when in use. The seat can be removed easily if not required, by simply lifting the corners of the feet to release the suction. The seat also features a cutout section at the front which makes it easier to wash intimate areas of the body.

This Ailsa Bath Seat is 150mm (6") high.

Seat Area: 280 x 400mm(11 x 15¾").

Footprint: 320 x 345mm
(12½ x 13½").

User Weight Limit 30 stone.

3-5 Days

Bathmaster Deltis


(RRP £459.00)



Difficulties getting into and out of the bath are quickly and easily overcome when using the Bathmaster Deltis

Simple to take in and out of the bath, it separates into two parts for easier lifting and carrying. High quality materials and construction offer the utmost in safety and comfort with no servicing required.

One of the lightest reclining bath lifts available

The Bathmaster Deltis is easy to assemble with no technical knowledge required. With built in convenient holding points and the heaviest part weighing just 6.8kg (15lb) transport and storage become effortless. The all plastic construction is modern, easy to clean and free from corrosion.

Designed to be strong, stable & durable, it gives confidence to the user and ensures hassle free, long term usage.
Compact frame fits virtually all bath tubs
Occupying the optimum amount of space, the compact frame of the Bathmaster Deltis is suitable for nearly all bath tubs, yet maintains a high level of stability when in use. Large side flaps allow easy transfer in and out of the bath, and optional swivelling seats are available for those requiring additional assistance.

Latest battery technology ensures high performance
The small, lightweight hand controller is simple to use and fl oats when not in use, enabling easy recovery if dropped into the water. The lithium ion batteries have no memory effect and very low self-discharging, giving improved performance and battery life. The latest software allows gentle charging, further preserving the batteries.

Bespoke, service free motor gives long term durability
Fully waterproof with no built in circuit board, the motor has been specifically designed for long term protection against failure or damage. The hand controller plugs directly into the top of the motor ensuring there are no leads from the motor that could be damaged during transportation of the unit.
The gently contoured seat and backrest give both comfort and support when lowering and reclining. The user selects their preferred angle of recline between 10 and 40° allowing optimum positioning for their requirements.
Three year guarantee giving peace of mind
With a three year guarantee against defects in materials or workmanship, the user can be reassured that the bath lift will be in full working order when they need to use it