Hair Wash Trays

This range of portable shampoo basins / hair wash trays are ideal in situations where the user is unable to wash their hair at a sink. Especially if the patient is bed bound these products we stock at Oakville Care Centre are ideal in helping with this issue.

We also recommend our Nilaqua Shampoo solution for instances where using water is difficult as no water is needed!

3-5 Days

Economy Shampoo Basin


Simple, sturdy PVC shampoo basin that easily inflates by mouth or pump.

Ideal for bed use, it is easily and conveniently drained with a one-way hose.

Length 660mm (26"). Width 610mm (24").
Depth 150mm (6").

3-5 Days

Inflatable Shampoo Basin

 A heavy duty inflatable vinyl basin supportind neck and head for washing hair when confined to bed.

A one way drainage tube with clamp removes waste water with no mess. Can be inflated by mouth or air pump.

Weight 680g. Width 710mm (28"). Depth 150mm (6").

3-5 Days

Hair Washing Tray for Beds

A shaped plastic tray that enables hair to be washed in bed by a helper with no spillage or discomfort.

The waste water runs from the spout to a suitable receptacle placed on the floor.

Width 395mm (15 1/2"). Length 755mm (29 3/4").