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Bathing Accessories


Our bathing accessory products section includes towel off shampoo and body wash - no water needed, Shampoo caps, flannel straps and even a toe washer!

3-5 Days

Inflatable Bath Cushion

This inflatable cushion gives additional comfort and support when bathing. Four sucker feet on the underside secure it to the bath to prevent movement.

Size when inflated 432 x 432mm (17 x 17").


3-5 Days

Toe Washer

A long stem with plastic built-up handle and a flat wire frame covered in a white towelling pad for washing between the toes.

Length 710mm (28").
Two Toe pads included

3-5 Days

Foot Brush and Sponge


For hygiene of lower extremities while standing or sitting or for other difficult to reach areas.

Useful for people with limited access to feet. It has a plastic contoured handle with a nylon brush for comfortable cleaning of feet. Two replacement sponges supplied, one large sponge, one small.

Length is 610mm (24"), with 95mm (3 3/4") brush, 35mm (1 1/3") wedge-tip sponge. Three sponges included

3-5 Days

Long Handled Net Sponge

This long handled net body washer is a luxurious alternative to a brush or sponge.

 The scrunched-up net encourages the soap to lather, providing a more enjoyable wash. The curved handle allows difficult areas to be washed, especially for those with restricted reach.

The handle has a loop to enable it to be hung up in the bath or shower.

Length 380mm (15").

3-5 Days

Bendable Long Handled Sponge

 The special handle on these sponges allows users to manually bend and straighten them multiple times to aid in cleaning hard to reach areas.

 Unlike most sponge handles, these do not require a heat gun to change position.

Users are able to use this one sponge to clean difficult to reach areas,such as the back and distal areas like the feet.

3-5 Days

Flannel Strap

A cotton flannel strap designed to help reach awkward places. The cotton terry surface can be used for washing and the coarse foam on the reverse can be used for scouring and toning your skin. The D-shape handles allow an easy, secure grip. Supplied with a matching hand mitt for washing the remainder of your body. Hand wash at 40ºC.

Length of strap 800mm (31 1/2˝).
Width 100mm (4˝). Total length 940mm (37˝).

3-5 Days

Medline Easybath Shampoo Cap With Conditioner (Scented)



Unscented Shampoo Cap. Simply microwave for 30 seconds and massage into the scalp for 2 to 3 minutes. No need to rinse, simply towel dry afterwards. 

3-5 Days

Nilaqua Shampoo


Nilaqua No Rinse Shampoo is the amazing new way to get fresh clean hair without using water.

It wets your hair like a traditional shampoo and cleans without leaving any streaks or sticky residues.
It’s mild non-irritating formula leaves hair beautifully soft and clean.
Paraben free and pH balanced.

Simply apply the liquid directly to the area, massage to lift up any dirt and grease, then remove by towel drying.

3-5 Days

Nilaqua Body Wash

 Nilaqua No Rinse Body Wash is the amazing new way to clean without using water.


Nilaqua Rinse Free Body Wash is unfragranced and antibacterial formula gently and effectively cleans and moisturises the skin, leaving you fresh and odour free without using any water!

Nilaqua Towel Off Soap is paraben free and pH balanced to be mild and non-irritable. Safe to use as a perineal Cleanser.

Simply apply the liquid directly to the area, massage to lift up any dirt and grease, then remove by towel drying.

3-5 Days

Soapy Soles

This gentle massage pad has hundreds of soft little fingers to clean your feet with no bending or reaching. It attaches to the bathtub or shower floor by powerful suction cups on its underside. Simply wet it, apply a quantity of your favourite liquid soap and rub your foot back and fourth for a thorough, soothing foot wash. A great solution for people with limited lower extremity movement, back pain or those with balance problems.
Size 290×140×30mm (11 1/2×5 1/2×1 1/4˝).