Back Cushions/Pillows

Oakville Care Centre's selection of comfort aids for the bed and chair. These include McKenzie Lumbar rolls for better posture when sitting in a chair to back support solutions when sitting up in bed.

3-5 Days

Mckenzie Airback


The Original McKenzie AirBack is an inflatable lumbar roll.


 Light and compact for easy storage. Whether on the bus, train or plane never be caught without your back support. The AirBack has an inner lining with a soft velour cover.

3-5 Days

Mckenzie Slimline Lumbar Roll

McKenzie slim line lumbar roll is a medium density and flatter design for just that little bit extra support.

The original McKenzie slim line roll is designed to be used with seating that has some lumbar support. Ideal for the elderly or petite persons and those who have a limited range of motion in their lower back and therefore cannot tolerate the larger size lumbar roll.

  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Designed to be used with seating that has some lumbar support

    Ideal for the elderly or petite persons

    Features a built-in adjustable latex strap

    Length 340mm (13.5")  Width 160mm (6.25") 

    Depth 70mm (2.75)

    3-5 Days

    Mckenzie Lumbar Roll

    The Original McKenzie® Round Roll was the first ever lumbar roll made in the world.

    Although this roll looks quite bulky, it compresses down very easily, while still giving the appropriate support.

    Available in a 100mm (4") or 125mm (5") thickness.

    3-5 Days

    V-Shaped Back Support Pillow


    Ideal for anyone to sit up in  bed comfortably


     The V Pillow is designed to support the neck and shoulder area as well as staying in place regardless of body movement. The V pillow is polyester filled with a polycotton cover is made to helps ease tension and discomfort.

    3-5 Days

    V-Shaped Pillow Slip



    Flame retardent fabric gives peace of mind together with rapid drying and no ironing. 145gsm plain dye polyester. 100% polyester. Flame retardancy cannot be washed out.

    3-5 Days

    Inflatable Neck Cushion

    Safe & Sound Deluxe Inflatable Pillow. Ergonomically designed to give you increased support whilst you sleep.


    Product Features

    • Inflates and deflates in seconds.
    • Soft touch for additional comfort.
    • Additional head and neck stabilisers.
    3-5 Days

    Adjustable Back Rest


    A comfortable back rest, adjustable to a variety of angles. 

    This back rest is adjustable via a simple ratchet mechanism, making it suitable for a wide variety of users and situations. The frame is covered in a strong blue canvas for support in a bed or a chair.

    Height of back 570mm (22.5˝). Width 500mm (19.75˝).
    Depth of base 390mm (15.5˝). Weight 2.2kg.

    3-5 Days

    Mattress Tilter



    The Mattress Tilter is used under the mattress at the bottom of the bed to relieve the symptoms of swollen ankles, varicose veins or lower back pain.

     Alternatively, it can be used under the mattress at the top of the bed to relieve respiratory problems.

    Size 460 × 630 × 130 > 20mm (18 × 25 ×5 > 1˝).