Comfort & Pressure Relief

Ring Cushions, Chiro Cushions and pressure relieving square cushions that are suitable for either lower back pain, pressure sores and general comfort when siting for long periods.

3-5 Days

Chiro Cushion

This wedged shaped cushion alleviates pressure on the coccyx thus relieving lower back pain.

Ideal for anyone spending any length of time sitting down.


Width 42 cm

Height 37 cm

Depth 3 - 8 cm

3-5 Days

Dunlopillo Ring Cushion

Flame retardant bacteria-static latex foam ring to give comfort when sitting. Can be steam sterilized.

Diameter 17"

The cover is purchased separately.

3-5 Days

Dunlopillo Ring Cushion Cover

The cover is purshased separately. It is made from flame retardant cotton.

3-5 Days

Rubber Ring Cushion

An inflatable rubber ring cushion to help provide additional comfort to the user.


 The surface of the ring is lightly patterned to prevent slipping.

External diameter 457mm (18").

Internal diameter 160mm (6.5")

3-5 Days

Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion

This ring cushion inflates easily by mouth, making it ideal for use when travelling.


The surface has a suede-like feel for additional comfort. External diameter 475mm (18"). Weight 150g.

3-5 Days

Eco Foam Cushion

For users who are at low risk of developing pressure sores. 

This is a general purpose cushion designed for basic pressure relief for wheelchair and seated users. Foam cushion with two way PU coated nylon stretch cover.

Size 430 x 430 x 80mm

(17 x 17 x 3 1/4").

Max. user weight 95kg / 15st

Suitable for those at LOW RISK of developing pressure ulcers.

3-5 Days

Anyway Cushion

For users who are at low to medium risk of developing pressure sores.

Many of the chairs in day rooms, wards and sitting areas are far from comfortable and certainly not pressure relieving.

This general purpose cushion is designed to improve comfort and pressure distribution for wheelchair and seated users who have low to medium risk of pressure sores.

It reduces interface pressures and can be used any way up and any way around.

The multi-stretch PU coated nylon cover can be wiped clean easily.

Size 480 x 480 x 80mm  (19 x 19 x 3").

Max. user weight 98kg / 15 st

Suitable for those at LOW TO MEDIUM RISK of developing pressure ulcers.

3-5 Days

Visco Care Cushion

  For users who are at high risk of developing pressure sores.

This Visco Elastic cushion offers affordable pressure relief for the high-risk user. Suitable for use in both wheelchairs and day care chairs, the anti-slip base provides additional security.

The two-way stretch cover is waterproof and can be easily wiped clean. A water resistant zip allows the cover to be removed when required.

Size 430×430 ×80mm (17×17×3 1/4˝)

Max. user weight 158kg / 24 st

Suitable for those at HIGH RISK of developing pressure ulcers.

3-5 Days

Inflatable Bath Cushion

This inflatable cushion gives additional comfort and support when bathing.
Four sucker feet on the underside secure it to the bath to prevent movement.
Size when inflated 432 x 432mm (17 x 17"). Weight 210g.