Dressing Aids

Whether you have trouble trying up your shoe laces, find doing up buttons tricky or putting on your socks difficult Oakville Care Centre has the solution for you!

In this section you will find button hooks, dressing sticks, shoe horns and coiler shoe laces.

3-5 Days

Dressing stick

This wooden stick with rubber tip at one end, and special double wire hook at the other, is used to pull on or push off garments that cannot be reached easily e.g. socks.

Length 520mm (21").
Weight 236g.

3-5 Days

Kings button hook

A shaped stainless steel wire which assists one handed dressing by passing through the button hole and over the button to grip the thread. It is pulled through with a twisting motion.

Length: Wire 97mm (33/4"),

Handle 120mm (43/4").
Weight 75g

3-5 Days

Zip puller with built-up handle

For people who lack fine motor co-ordination or have a weak grip, this zip puller has a large, built up handle and can help users to raise or lower awkward zips.

3-5 Days

Coiler shoe laces

These elastic based laces do not require tying. Lace the shoes up and release the laces at the required pressure and the lace will coil to keep in place.

 Ideal for those who find it painful to bend and tie traditional laces. 

 Available in white, Black or  Brown

3-5 Days

Stocking aid


A simple, inexpensive device to assist with putting on stocking or sock, especially if bending and reaching to the foot is difficult.

 It consists of a strong, shaped, flexible plastic gutter with long cotton tapes attached to the top. The stocking or sock is fed on to the plastic and held in place with the side notches. The foot is put in the open end of the stocking, which is then pulled over the foot and up the leg using the tapes.

Cord length 920mm (36").
Gutter length 229mm (9").

3-5 Days

Tights aid

This works on the same principle as the stocking aid above, but has a double gutter to enable it to be used for tights.

Cord length 920mm (36˝).

Gutter Length 229mm (9˝).

3-5 Days

Long Handled Comb

Ergonomically designed and carefully balanced to provide maximum power with minimal effort and strain. 

A unique shape that makes it easier to reach further. The comb is shaped to follow the curve of the head, allowing the handle to be held close to the body without losing power or reach.