Walking Stick & Accessories


Our selection of Walking Sticks are featured below including folding and ergonomic grip sticks.

We have many types of Walking Sticks in-store in our Frome and Wells mobility shops.

We will be expanding this section soon!


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3-5 Days

Premium Folding Walking Sticks

A folding coloured walking stick range, available in 3 colours. They feature a smooth Derby handle that is comfortable to use in either hand and a handy strap as standard. The sturdy, aluminium shafts have a transparent coating that enhances the design.

Height adjustment 31 - 35" Ferrule size 19mm (3/4 "). Weight 366g.

3-5 Days

Ergonomic Grip Stick

Folding Aluminium Walking Stick

Lightweight, yet sturdy anodised aluminium walking sticks that feature an ergonomically designed handle allowing the pressure to be spread evenly across the palm. Ideal for those who have difficulty in grasping a conventionally shaped handle, the comfortable design can also be beneficial to those with painful hands due to arthritis, or similar problems.

Supplied as either left or right handed, and are folding. Ferrule size 19mm. Height adjusted from 33 - 37 inches

3-5 Days

Walking Stick Strap

This nylon wrist strap offers exceptional value for money and is suitable for use with all sticks. The elasticated hoop allows easy and secure fitting.

3-5 Days

Walking Stick Grip

A value for money clip that grasps the stick, allowing it to be balanced on the edge of a table or worktop. May also be used underneath the table or worktop to wedge the stick upright. Fits most styles of walking stick.