A selection of magnifiers to help with those who find seeing / reading objects difficult.

L.E.D Book Light

High intensity L.E.D. never needs replacing.

Lighted L.E.D. Tweezers & Magnifier

perfect for handling very small items in low light.

Shape Reading Magnifier

A simple PVC Lightweight magnifier.

 Magnification x 2,

Diameter of lens 110mm

Necklace Magnifier

Length of necklace 720mm, Weight 44g, Diameter of lens 40mm, Magnification x 3.5,

Glass lens.

Standing Page Magnifier

This magnifier stands at the perfect distance for reading writing or any close work.

Legs fold up conveniently for travel and storage.

Magnification x3. Measures 267×190×114mm (10 1/2×7 1/2×4 1/2˝

Sheet Magnifier

This rigid plastic sheet gives a convenient and inexpensive way of reading large areas of print.

 Sold as a pair. Magnification x2. Size 255×182mm (10×7˝). Weight 85g.