Thermoskin Elastic Supports

Innovative 2-way and 4-way elastic supports from Thermoskin contour to the shape of the affected area, providing even compression to reduce swelling and support for weak and injured muscles and joints.

Thermoskin Elastic supports can expand, contract and stretch and are made of a high-grade durable material that permits a full range of movement and are comfortable to wear during a range of activities.

Thermoskin products are available also to purchase at our 2 retail shops in Wells and Frome in Somerset. Or if you would like to know a little more about Thermoskin, please contact us either by email - [email protected] or why not give one of our friendly team a ring on 01373 455415 / 01749 670765

Thermoskin Elastic Knee Support

Thermoskin Knee 4-way Stretch Support

Thermoskin Elastic Elbow Support

Thermoskin Elastic Wrist Wrap Support

Thermoskin Wrist/Hand Brace with Airmesh


Thermoskin Back Stabiliser with Airmesh