Thermoskin Elastic Knee Support

  • 3-5 Days



 Measure slightly bent, underneath knee cap.

 The Thermoskin elastic knee is anatomically designed to contour to the shape of your knee. This provides even compression and support for weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The fabric in the front section stretches to allow a full range of movement. The back panel is specially woven to minimise bunching and slippage, resulting in comfort during activity.

Material content : This consists of a special blend of cotton, nylon and rubber, latex free.

To determine your size : Measure around your knee with your knee slightly bent. The tape should be firm but  not tight.

Warning : Should an irritation or rash develop discontinue use. If pain persists see your doctor.

Washing Instructions : Hand wash in warm water with mild soap, Rinse thoroughly. Drip dry. Do not wring, twist, tumble dry, bleach or dry in direct sunlight.

Injury List

Compression and support for weak and injured limbs